eCommerce Service Design

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What is

service design?


magine you ran a brick and mortar book store focusing on comic books. Now imagine there was another comic book store across the street. With both stores selling more or less identical products, what is the one factor that makes a customer decide to visit one store instead of the other? Service.

Brands know that great customer service is behind repeat business and customer loyalty.

Service Design is a multidisciplinary approach that draws on a wide range of concepts from UX design to project management and marketing with the goal of improving customer experience.

The fundamental idea is that customer experience isn’t something that just happens; by focusing on customer needs, businesses can create positive outcomes across various touchpoints to ensure a great customer journey.


digital services


igital service design follows naturally from a focus on the user experience as the central principle of digital transformation.

Take highly tech-savvy Scandinavia, for example. It’s one of the leading regions for ecommerce, but at the same time a small population means market saturation has been reached and competition for customers is fierce. This puts increasing emphasis on the quality of customer service as well as a seamless customer experience across multiple channels.

Effectively, digital service design brings together design and business aspects in order to consider the whole scope of a customer’s interactions with a company’s business rather than just focusing on a single element such as a website.

As technology develops, an increasingly competitive market means that the brands that are able to provide the best quality services for their customers will beat the competition.

Our philosophy


ervice design and design thinking are at the core of what we do at Accolade. We don’t just build websites for ecommerce, we strive to create great customer experiences utilising any and all of the channels that your customers use to interact with your business.

We also love technology. Our international team of experts has decades worth of experience from web development and analytics to digital marketing. But a human-centred thinking process means we put the customer at the heart of the journey.

By using established service design principles we are able to guide you towards a customer-centric digital business. The tools and methods listed below may give you a good idea of some of the things we do, but we like to think it’s much more than that.

We think of it as a holistic process which can involve the whole business ecosystem from your core services to digital marketing, SEO, business intelligence, strategy and more. Furthermore, our expertise in international ecommerce is unrivalled among our competitors, giving our clients a real edge when it comes to international expansion. For this reason many leading retailers have chosen Accolade as their ecommerce partner.

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