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Peer-to-peer user acquisition.

Glome is an inbound marketing tool for businesses to improve conversions via social sharing. Glome facilitates omni-channel browsing without requiring registrations, log-ins or app installs. Data remains synced across multiple devices allowing users to seamlessly switch between their smartphone, desktop, tablet – any digital screen at any point.

The Accolade Glome Module for Magento allows businesses to take advantage of these innovative features in an e-commerce environment.

Glome & Magento


and benefits

Build trust

New visitors can start using the service immediately. No need to register, log-in or install any apps.

Attract new customers

Attract and engage new visitors with powerful social sharing features.

Improve conversions

Allowing your customers to share relevant information with friends and family results in double digit top-line growth and more conversions.

GDPR compatible

Glome services are based on patent protected anonymous personalisation technology – as there is no identity, the right to be forgotten is built in. It’s privacy by design.

Seamless omni-channel shopping experience

Reach consumers wherever they are, on whatever device they’re using. More and more consumers are browsing products on their smartphones, but the average shopping cart abandonment rate for mobile is a staggering 97%! The Magento Glome module will ensure users can start on mobile and continue on laptop while everything stays synced, ensuring a smoother user experience and an easier path to conversion. Once users have added products to their shopping cart, they simply send the link to themselves or their friends who can immediately access the page on their device. There is no need to log-in or share any personal information such as email addresses.


Questions & Answers.

What devices does the Glome Module support?

The Glome Module for Magento will work on any device. You can add as many devices as you want and also remove devices. Once devices have been paired, real-time updates are possible and any changes to the page can be seen instantly.

How do you share a social object?

It’s all link based, just like the internet itself. Just add products to your shopping cart, then share the link with yourself to continue shopping later, or send it to family or friends. The browsing experience remains anonymous since there are no log-ins and no need to share any personal information.

What is a social object?

Social objects are one of Glome API’s main concepts. This is based on the idea that the API enables sharing anything in real time in the form of a social object. For instance, in the Magento Glome Module the social object being shared is the shopping cart, but technically it could be anything else such as a wishlist or anything else your business wants.

Currently, users with the link can view and like the shopping cart. We are working on adding more features, and soon visitors will also be able to leave comments. We’re working on adding payment options too.

What features does the Glome Module currently offer?

Glome Magento Module is using the Glome API, which is based on 3 main concepts:

1. Soft Accounts
Soft account creates an automated authentication layer between the real user and the current browser. Social object automatically takes care of the authentication flow, but there are cases where it is needed to access the account, like linking one soft account to another or editing user data.

2. Social Objects
Social objects act as an abstraction layer for independent social objects with interfaces for create, read, update and delete. Social object base class takes care of authentication workflow, so there is no need to manually create or login with a soft account.

3. Access control rights for Soft Accounts and Social Objects
Our vision is that in the future the Glome Module will serve as a base that other shop owners can build upon to integrate Glome in many other ways.

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