Accolade launches Lifestyle eCommerce Incubator in Tenerife with emphasis on international commerce

Press release – 18.01.2017

Accolade will officially launch their latest venture, the Lifestyle eCommerce Incubator, in January 2018 in Tenerife. The goal of the Incubator is to build and grow ecommerce businesses in the lifestyle sectors, providing them with an end-to-end partnership that includes infrastructure, technology and marketing services and solutions.

The main focus will be on lifestyle businesses seeking to operate in Europe, Middle East and East Asia. The Incubator has a strong focus on internationalisation and helping businesses to overcome the challenges associated with cross-border ecommerce. The incubator’s parent company, Accolade Partners, which was founded in 2014, has wide expertise in helping Finnish eCommerce companies break into new markets across Scandinavia. The company’s clients include Musti ja Mirri, Ruohonjuuri and Netrauta online stores.

“The competition in eCommerce gets fiercer every year, which makes it harder for small businesses that are just starting out to achieve significant market or vertical position. Our aim is to provide solutions to test potential ideas and markets with a pre-built infrastructure and processes that can be utilised to test and grow faster”, says Joni Kautto, CEO of Accolade.

Located in La Orotava, Tenerife, Accolade is well positioned to form partnerships with lifestyle oriented ecommerce companies. Canary Islands Special Zone (, which Accolade Incubator is part of, provides unique competitive advantages in terms of global ecommerce.

Incubatees can take advantage of Accolade’s diverse content production facilities, which includes copywriting, image and video content as well as YouTube advertising and social media. The full-time production team is located permanently in Tenerife which provides the ideal setting for content production for lifestyle oriented online stores and service providers. In addition, incubatees will benefit from continuous research and development, which enables Accolade to produce new and innovative e-commerce solutions in order to grow sales.

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COO Chin Tan Tung Fan, tel. +34 617 496 6233,

CEO Joni Kautto, tel. +358 50 3838123,