Bttn and Accolade launch re-order solution for Magento platform

Re-order bttn for the rest of the world

Helsinki, Finland
– 25.10.2016
The Button Corporation, creator of the first physical push button always connected to the internet, bttn, launches a joint effort targeted to online stores with Accolade Partners.

The solution, dubbed Button for Commerce, runs on the leading eCommerce platform Magento. It brings a convenient re-order functionality to all online stores, which so far has been a privilege only for large brands.

“Traditional subscription models in B2C eCommerce have been longing for easy ways to serve on-demand, instead of passive time-based order fulfilment”, comments Joni Kautto, CEO of Accolade and continues: “On the B2B space subscription modules are challenging because of varying needs, Button for Commerce offers re-ordering that will deliver consumables needed when they are actually needed, minimising costly returns.

Through Button for Commerce, merchants are able to forecast future demand, based on customer order history, as well as offer cross-selling items that will bring added value to customer subscription.”

“We’re aiming for simplicity and the ease of use. When an end-user gets a bttn with built-in mobile data, he just needs to switch it on and everything works out-of-the-box.

Equipped with two different actions a press places the order and –when queried by the bttn– long-press confirms it. Plus business functionalities to make things easy, such as being able to remotely monitor and manage bttns”, sums Juuso Pesola, CEO of The Button Corporation.

Button for Commerce is available at:

The Button Corporation

The Button Corporation / Bttn Inc. is the creator of the bttn®, the simplest internet user interface in the world. It brings the power of internet-of-everything to individuals, families, and businesses with its elegantly designed physical push buttons always connected to the net. The Button Corporation is privately funded and based in Helsinki, Finland and New York, U.S. Read more at


Accolade Partners Inc. is an eCommerce service design and solution partner based in Helsinki, Finland. We help B2C and B2B companies push the boundaries of global eCommerce.

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