eCommerce hosting

Hosting and building an ecosystem for ecommerce is a complex task where you need to take into consideration both current and future needs in order to avoid running into roadblocks early on in your business growth due to constraints in your infrastructure.

We want to find the solution that is both affordable in the first months of starting your business, and takes into consideration scalability and even rapid growth in future.

We start by auditing your current hosting solution, or if you are starting a brand new business, go through your plans and goals and suggest the best possible platform.

Holistic eCommerce

We Tailor Your eCommerce Ecosystem per your businesses needs.

We are a highly specialised Magento & WordPress hosting provider. Our eCommerce infrastructure is based on years of best practices learned while working with hundreds of shops, helping merchants to get the best possible performance out of their shops, both in speed and value.

Our eCommerce hosting follows the same holistic approach as our other services; we do not only focus on providing you the best possible technical solution for you hosting needs, but also take into consideration ERP or CRM integrations and hosting, for example. We make sure SEO related aspects have been covered and continuously monitored. And we, as your ecommerce hosting partner, can take care of your Magento Security patching and upgrades.

Our global eCommerce expertise means we will deliver you solutions that are lightning fast both where your core local markets are as well as readily available globally.


Environment PCI-DSS compliant

AWS Certified Sysadministrators

Daily offsite backups

Free monitoring and installation of Magento security patches

External vulnerability and malware scans included


Guaranteed full score on performance grade of and Pingdom when we audit and work on your shop front-end bottlenecks on top of your super fast server environment

Fully Magento Optimised Stack for both Magento Community and Enterprise Editions

Super fast network infrastructure

Global reach via CDN networks

Marketing &

Do you need eCommerce infrastructure partner who can help when you or your analytics partner need a integration to your shop, server or database?

We love advertising technologies, marketing automation, analytics and conversion optimisation and can help you to implement the best solutions for your shop

We have built, integrated and utilised dozens of tools for business intelligence and analytics use for our clients

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