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Lifestyle commerce

Each one of our clients has a unique niche. Whether it’s pet accessories, organic health food, adventure tours or scuba diving equipment, they represent a wide variety of individual ecommerce businesses. What they all have in common is that they sell a lifestyle, not just a product.


Experimentation and R&D is our passion. Accolade Labs is our playground where we test the latest tools and technologies, and in this section we share the fruits of our labour and the lessons learned from those experiments.

31.07.17 in Labs

Magium Automated Magento Testing Setup

Magium is a Selenium-based testing framework to help automate complex web-based applications such as Magento. It manages much of the complexity of element selection and action execution allowing you to…
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31.07.17 in Labs

Magento Unit Testing

Unit testing allows you to give yourself a guarantee that your code is stable and working like it’s supposed to. Ongoing unit testing helps to identify problems early on in…
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15.07.16 in Labs

How to Use the Docker LAMP Image

Docker is a software platform based on containers. Each container is effectively a piece of software whereby the code between them can be shared - this can be very handy…
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